Return / Exchange Screen

The RTN / EXCH Tab is used in the unfortunate event that a patient returns their hearing devices for credit or wants to exchange those devices for a different system. The screen is optimized to create a return / exchange receipt that reflects any variables in the return / exchange process. This screen has fields that record the date and reason for the returned instruments.

  • There are also two fields dedicated for the “Amount Refunded.” (You may have a policy of refunding the patient balance in two payments.)
  • The “Refund Type” field is optional. It is simply used as a way to designate one refund type from another. It is not used in reports.
  • The Return document may be printed as a return receipt for the patient who cancels or exchanges instruments.
  • You can use the green “RTN” buttons on this screen or on the sales tab, as mentioned earlier. Since both the sales and return screens display essentially the same data, anything entered here will be reflected on the sales screen (and vice versa.)

The delivery receipt may be customized for your specific needs.

Return / Exchange Screen - Financial and Billing

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