I recently moved into a new role in a University setting after spending 13 years working in corporate healthcare. I had become accustomed to using healthcare based IT systems such as Power Chart and Epic, but have absolutely been amazed with the ease and functionality of HearForm, both from product and support standpoints. It’s a one stop shop, easy to build upon, and fits the needs of our clients and professionals. Thank you HearForm!

(The University Audiology Department has been a HearForm customer since 2008 and has recently added HearForm to their Speech Language Department.)

(HearForm Customer since May, 2008)

I have been a user of HearForm since 2009 and our practice went paperless in September 2013. HearForm makes it so easy to utilize electronic records. There are so many different ways that you can customize the software to record all the data that you want electronically. Mike Huskey, President of HearForm is so knowledgeable in the profession, is easy to work with and gives great guidance. It took 8 months to scan all the data in my patients charts and move them out of my office. It was well worth the time and effort and now I have been able to make room for a part time employee where all my physical charts used to be stored!

(HearForm Customer since December 2009)

Hi Mike, I hope this e-mail finds you well.

A few months ago, Elite wanted us to become part of their Platinum program, which entailed using Sycle.net to obtain information so it could be used to see how we compare to other practices, i.e. best practices benchmarking.

When HearForm was "converted" by the staff at Sycle, it became basically a nightmare. We only obtained demographics and audio's, no past financial history, no previous hearing aid history, or previous insurance claims, etc. In effect, much of our data was "dumped" into Sycle, and it would have taken MANY MONTHS for our small staff to get things back up to speed. Not only that, with Sycle it was difficult to see patient data easily and navigate to the different pages. The software simply was not laid out very well, and there wasn't an efficient means to perform database/patient letters and marketing, etc. Suffice to say, Sycle doesn't remotely compare to HearForm.

I wanted you to know how much we love HearForm, it's visual presentation, ease in seeing patient info, ease in navigating to different pages, i.e. hearing aid info, invoicing and so on.

We were going to totally back out of the Platinum program--losing the rewards it offered--until we learned we could continue to use HearForm, and Elite could still take the data they needed. Needless to say, we were thrilled!

Mike, you can count us a one of HearForm's VERY satisfied customers.

(HearForm Customer since August 2000 - Like all of these testimonials, this was a completely unsolicited email message 5-13-2015)

Mike, If you ever want a video testimonial for your website or any promotion, let me know! I'd be glad to let prospective customers know how happy I am with my decision to purchase HearForm.

(HearForm Custom since February, 2007)

Long time, no problems! We are part of Audigy now and it's kind of fun to watch the Audigy Member Message Board light up with Sycle.net problems / issues pretty regularly. We just keep cruising along with HearForm. Thanks for the great product!

(HearForm Custom since March, 2009)

Just wanted to say that I have felt ( for what, 15 years now?) that you folks at HearForm always work to provide a Quality Product at a Fair Price, and I have appreciated this. Keep it real! ... And thanks for all you do.

Michael, just a quick thanks for the latest edition of HF, we really enjoy a lot of the newest features!

(HearForm Customer since October 2006)

You guys are so awesome! I have to say, I have been so impressed with the help and service I have received from day one. I really feel like we are your favorite customers! I love your product and I love the follow-through. Thank you so much!

I just wanted to say thank you for spending the time with me yesterday to help us work with our data. I know that every time I talk to you I marvel at just how much this program does. I am so happy that we decided to work with it rather than any of the others. I love the flexibility, and the power of being able to "get" numbers. I don't think that we realize just how lucky we are to be able to even know those kinds of things and get the kind of data that we are able to get.

We are very happy with our decision to make HearForm Software our client management system. We have grown significantly over the past year and I could not imagine how we would keep everything organized without HearForm. HearForm has given us the ability to maintain better contact with our clients resulting in, more client referrals.

Please feel free to add Lawrence Hearing to your list of satisfied customers.

Wishing you Much Success.

Thanks for all the help in getting us to this point. We have survived the test of fire and are excited for next year to get started. You were a key piece in the puzzle and we will always appreciate everything you have done.

Best wishes

How can I thank you for being the best business partner an audiologist can have? You are always available for support - and kind in your response. You took the time to upgrade my 2 year old version - airborne it back to me on a Saturday.... and created a script for a sole Seiko label user-Me, all at no charge. Thanks again for coming to our rescue and responding so quickly to our time of need!

You know, once you fully utilize HearForm... you just can't live without it!

I'm sure that's by design Mike!

HearForm continues to be the easiest and most efficient office software that I have used.

From time to time I look at other programs available to our industry and have even subscribed to some of them.

I had Oticon purchase a one year subscription to Blueprint this year and it certainly has its issues. My staff is nearly at rebellion level at this point. The online site-based features of this type of system have proven to be something I can live without.

The learning curve has always been too steep for the extra benefits promised and too complicated for all my staff (including myself) to master.

HearForm, however, was developed by a Hearing Health care Provider for Hearing Health care Providers and is simple and intuitive to use. HearForm evolves with the state of the art and has responsive customer service.

I am a big fan of HearForm. Anyway...... where do I sign and when do I pay.

We could not be more pleased! As new Audigy members, we have noticed that most of the members use HearForm now. Perhaps you could offer a class at the next Audigy get together. We want to encourage even more members to benefit from HearForm. We are just tickled to death with your software. (Since August 2007)

I got the software. Works great. I happen to be using it on a Mac too! I am looking forward to working with you on our new audiogram project. I would truly like to see this happen, not only for myself but for the entire field.

We just want to tell you how much we love our HearForm program. We have been using it for 10 Years now and just starting using HearForm Online. We LOVE IT! It’s just like using my QuickBooks online. Easy, Quick and Very convenient. This is a fantastic new way of doing business. Not to mention all of your hard work (as always) helping us navigate through the new upgrade. Thank you Mike!

It’s been my sincere pleasure and a privilege working with you. Thank you for all of your help with Whisper Hearing Center over the years and ensuring our success. I could’t have done it without you.

After having been a HearForm user for about 10 years I succumbed to the hype of Sycle.net. I did sign up for it and have been using it for about 6 months. As a small office I have found that the auto mail features do not live up to the hype - and alas, or in my case - "hooray"! I have decided to return to HearForm.

One of the nice things about Sycle.net was that I never had to worry about back-up, but wait - I can use www.dropbox.com which does the same thing. And it is FREE!!! Better than the monthly cost of Sycle.net. So many options!

I feel that HearForm is more intuitive. Being able to customize and print the letters I want to mail and being able to mail them myself is very helpful. In addition, on several occasions I have gone back to my HearForm database to do a search that is just not possible on Sycle.net - or not easily done. Entering the manufacturer is much easier in HearForm - without having to go through a long list each time. Entering info onto an audiogram is very much easier - one click instead of having to enter a numerical value.

HearForm is more customizable for everyone’s individual needs - for instance I can highlight those people I wish to send a newsletter and that makes sending newsletters convenient and fast. And how nice is it to just enter a zip code and have the city, state and country automatically appear! Over all, HearForm is more professionally designed and much easier to use.

This time I will stick with HearForm and their great personal service! Thank you HearForm!

Please let me know if you have any updates or new software. I would be happy to purchase it. We are very happy and have had no problems.

(HearForm Customer since 2007)

Thanks Mike, for all you do. All you're doing for us has given us such a powerful tool in so many ways!

Happy Monday to you! Thanks so much. We are very pleased with the software. I LOVE HearForm!!!!! We are completely paperless in the office and the system is fantastic. I love typing my chart notes and just printing them off for physicians. Thanks again!

Thank you for the excellent service from you these last few months. I have never experienced such good service and aftercare!! The more time we spend on the system, the more we are impressed by what the data management system can do. It’s really a great product!

I Love your software!!!!

I have used HearForm software since March 2004 to run the audiology section of our ENT practice. I have been extremely impressed by the level of customer service and tech support provided by that company. Mike Huskey, the programmer and owner of the company has helped us tremendously in getting up and running. Whenever we have a question he always is available to answer questions and always sets up a more extensive tech support session within a day or two. During the tech support sessions we easily connect up to his computer so he can see and control our computer over the internet while speaking on the phone with us. He actually reprograms our copy of HearForm to work more smoothly for our particular usage patterns and preferences. He never rushes us or makes us feel we are taking too much of his time. We have never had a session that ended because he cut us off, but always because we have had all the tech support that we can consume at one sitting!

This is extraordinary for a software product costing only $5,999. We primarily use MAC computers and Mike went out of his way to get us working as well as any office using the more common Windows platform. He made sure we didn't get short changed because we were “different”. Mike has always been prompt in sending any extra files we need or pretty much anything else within his power to help us.

In my career I have used quite a number of other software packages and never has the tech support for those packages come close to the support we get with HearForm. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable, helpful, available and patient, Mike is one of friendliest and most unassuming guys I have met, and it is just a joy to work with him. Although HearForm is a great software package in its own right, the fact that it comes with support from someone like Mike Huskey makes it at least twice as valuable in my opinion. I know that whatever comes up, I can count on Mike making it right, right now!

So, needless to say, we are very pleased we chose HearForm as our Audiology Management Software package.

(HearForm Customer since 2004)

You have ALWAYS done right by us, which is why we stay with HearForm!

(HearForm Customer since 2008)

I searched for a few years for the perfect office software and I found it with HearForm. The conversion from my old OMS was almost flawless, something even the previous OMS manufacturer could not do to their upgraded version. The customer service is excellent which is very important to me. The flexibility of the program was also a plus. I customized it to exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend it. Try the demo and see for yourself.

Thank you for your recent help. I always appreciate your kindness and professionalism. You always treat me with such respect. Thank you for being a "light" in a dark world where many are not respected and MOST are taken for granted.

Hi Michael, I purchased Hear Form from you about a year ago. I am very pleased with your software. The program is working quite well for me and I have most appreciated the ability to change it to better fit my needs. I have learned how to tweak Hear Form to do things that I want it to do, which has been as interesting to me as it's been helpful. Thanks for everything.

I've had HearForm since 2008 and we use it for billing, mailings, scheduling and QuickBooks. We are very satisfied. Support is terrific.

Dear Mike, We LOVE the new QuickBooks module for our HearForm system!

Hi Mike, We purchased HearForm for our office in Tooele, UT and also my former employer Mark Weeks in Carson City, NV and we have been VERY HAPPY with the system!

Hi Mike, Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and explain your software. I'm excited since we've been stuck in a system that isn't working. With the retirement of our billing person it's a perfect opportunity to streamline the process and get some control of the business. My wife is the best audiologist I've ever met; it's time to get the office business practice up to her status.

Thank you so much for your help. We're really enjoying this software--it'll make so many things easier here!

Michael, I have loved HearForm the last 2 years. It has performed beyond my expectations and I'm sure I'm still only scratching the surface to what is available in the program. I recommend it to everyone who will listen!

Mike, I just wanted you to know that we have had HearForm since 2005. Because of HearForm, we can now easily target market to our customer base and we have sold an extra 68 hearing aids from two recent mailings (20 & 48 aids.) You do not charge enough for HearForm, based how much more profitable I have become. Thank you and please use me as a reference!

Hello, My name is Marlo Bailey and I am one of your extremely, happy, super pleased customers! I would like to link a laptop with my host computer but I'm not sure how to do this. Do I need to call for someone to walk me through it or is it just something I am missing. Thank you so much.

Mr. Huskey, I just wanted to thank you again for a terrific product. We have cut our workload in half. HearForm is saving us a huge amount of time.

Mike, I just printed out my payment table. It is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much!!! You guys are awesome!!!

Hi Mike, just wanted to update you on our progress. Debbie, Louise and Andrea have been wonderful in learning and inputting data. They really enjoy the software.

Hi Mike, I have been using HearForm for a month or so now and I love it!

Thank you for all you do. The software has been a lifesaver for our organization!

Tech support is wonderful. We love the program. It's really made a big difference for us.

You are a saint...you give me everything I ask for. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The audiologists are very impressed with your software.

Thank you for all your help - again!

Love the software!!!

Hello Mike, Tina told me last night how much you helped her with HearForm. I can't begin to thank you enough. Many people have crossed my path in my 62 years, and I must say you are one of the most giving, patient, kind individuals that has come my way.

Robin Fiscus - Testimonial - Simply Hear

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