• Audiogram Portal - Audiograms

    Audiogram Portal

    Create, Track and Display multiple audiograms per patient. The portal allows for quick navigation.

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  • Audiogram Air (Bone Link) - Audiograms

    Audiogram Start

    Quickly enter otoscopy observations and other notes as you create a new audiogram.

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  • Audiogram Air (Bone Link) - Audiograms

    Audiogram Air (Bone Link)

    Enter Air Conduction scores by clicking on the desired coordinate or select the score manually.

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  • Audiogram Speech - Audiograms

    Audiogram Speech

    Enter scores for SRT, Discrimination, Word Recognition, MCL and LDL (UCL)

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  • Audiogram Immittance - Audiograms

    Audiogram Immittance

    Enter scores for Contralateral. Ipsilateral Reflexes as well as Acoustic Reflex Decay and more.

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  • Audiogram Soundfield - Audiograms

    Audiogram Soundfield

    Enter scores for Soundfield and aided using industry standard symbols.

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  • Audiogram Aided - Audiograms

    Audiogram Aided

    Enter scores for Aided right and left ears using industry standard symbols.

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  • Audiogram Cochlear - Audiograms

    Audiogram Cochlear

    Enter numeric scores for Cochlear. Right and Left ears.

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  • Audiogram UCL Tone - Audiograms

    Audiogram UCL Tone

    Enter scores for UCL Tone.

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  • Audiogram Display - Audiograms

    Audiogram Display

    Use this screen as a counseling and sales tool.

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  • Audiogram Anatomy - Audiograms

    Audiogram Anatomy

    Demonstrate to type or location of the patients loss with a professional look ear anatomy graphic.

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  • Audiogram Print Options - Audiograms

    Audiogram Print Options

    Preview, Edit, Print, E-mail (as a PDF) or FAX any audiogram or the report from this screen.

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  • SOAP Audiogram Report - Audiograms

    SOAP Audiogram Report

    A complete Audiometric Report engine that makes it quick and easy to create professional reports.

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  • SOAP Audiogram Create - Audiograms

    SOAP Audiogram Create

    Create your report in seconds. It's so fast!

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  • Audiogram Set-up Symbols - Audiograms

    Audiogram Set-up Symbols

    Modify Audiogram symbols, lines. colors and a number of other options on this screen.

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  • Audiogram Set-up Degrees - Audiograms

    Audiogram Set-up Degrees

    Set the Pure Tone and Degree of Loss formulas. You decide what a moderate loss is.

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  • Audiogram Set-up Buttons - Audiograms

    Audiogram Set-up Buttons

    Pre-Set up to ten quick entry buttons for instant completion of Otoscopy results.

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