Audiogram Set-up Degrees

This setup screen allows you to choose a formula based upon your understanding of how each hearing loss category is displayed. Simply type in the desired numbers in each corresponding field and HearForm will automatically calculate the degree of loss, based upon your preferences. Fortunately, you can override that suggested degree of loss on an individual audiogram basis. Of course, some audiograms are atypical and will require your personal decision as to how the degree of loss should be displayed.

Additionally, you can decide what calculation the average pure tone (or pure tone average, as some prefer) should be based upon. As you can see from the image below, you can set the APT to include a variety of frequencies. Note that all related frequencies must be entered to achieve an accurate APT.

The screen also allows you to choose what type of bullet point symbols you want to appear in your SOAP note reports. Additionally, you can choose the number of returns used in that same SOAP notes report.

Audiogram Set-up Degrees - Audiograms

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