• Sales Screen - Financial and Billing

    Sales Screen

    Create professional looking purchase agreements and receipts.

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  • Diagnostics Screen - Financial and Billing

    Diagnostics Screen

    Create professional look service/diagnostic agreements.

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  • Repair Screen - Financial and Billing

    Repair Screen

    Create professional looking repair agreements, optimized for the initial repair transaction.

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  • Delivery Screen - Financial and Billing

    Delivery Screen

    Create professional looking delivery receipts that can be modified for your specific needs and policies.

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  • Return / Exchange Screen - Financial and Billing

    Return / Exchange Screen

    Create professional looking return for credit/cancelation receipts.

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  • CMS-1500 (PQRS Ready) - Financial and Billing

    CMS-1500 (PQRS Ready)

    Save hours each week with our CMS module. Print or e-bill your easily created CMS-1500 forms.

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  • DVA Screen (Canada) - Financial and Billing

    DVA Screen (Canada)

    Canadian customers love our integrated DVA form. Much of the form is automatically completed.

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  • Commissions Screen - Financial and Billing

    Commissions Screen

    This password protected screen helps you create & track commissions for both clinicians and support.

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  • Receivables - Statements - Financial and Billing

    Receivables - Statements

    Save hours with our flexible statement generator. Print statements without the need to print envelopes.

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  • Financial Tracking - Financial and Billing

    Financial Tracking

    Track referrals, revenue, sales and so much more. Includes hundreds of reports.

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  • Estimates and Superbills - Financial and Billing

    Estimates and Superbills

    Use one of our 4 superbill templates or create your own to print great looking documents.

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  • WA State Misc. Form - Financial and Billing

    WA State Misc. Form

    WA state customers love our pre populated form that save time and dramatically reduces rejections.

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