Audiogram Display

As hearing healthcare professionals, we spend hours looking at traditional audiograms. Our patients, however, may have no idea what the lines and symbols mean. This screen demonstrates the severity and appropriate urgency in a way that patients may more fully understand.

Green is a calming color, while orange and red represent the need to take steps to resolve the hearing impairment now. The gradient can be turned on or off as needed. The Audiogram color bars may be customized to fit your desired method of communication. Please call us for help in modifying the audiometric graph gradient.

The audiogram symbols and lines can be changed extensively to match your particular needs. Of course, the default audiogram symbols are what you would expect. You can however, use very creative symbols, line colors and line widths as a teaching tool. Simply click the highlight audiogram button to show the symbols in any manner. Then click the reset audiogram button to bring the symbols back to the standard ANSI defaults.

The hearing loss degree descriptions to the immediate right of the audiogram can be edited and moved to any desired location. This audiogram is larger than the audiograms on other screens so that the patient can see their test results clearly.

From the screen, you can hide or show any a variation of test scores. For example, you could show just the right year air and bone conduction scores or you could show or hide no response symbols or masking symbols. Look in the upper right of the screen for button that allows you to display an anatomical image of the outer middle and inner ear.

Audiogram Display - Audiograms

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