Summary Tracking

Please watch the video mentioned above for additional details about this important report. The summary reports give you a tremendous amount of options. For example: You can sub summarize and display your reports by any of the following categories:

  • assigned office location
  • assigned clinician
  • appointment type
  • appointment results
  • who called to make the appointment
  • referral source
  • referral source detail
  • by year
  • by month

These are the columns that display data from your report:

  • number of appointments
  • percentage of appointments
  • average close rate
  • average binaural rate
  • number of patients sold
  • percentage of patients sold
  • total revenue generated from each category
  • percentage of total revenue
  • average sales price
  • number of units returned
  • percentage of units returned
  • number of eight about years
  • percentage of a double years
  • number of aged years
  • percentage of aged years
  • number of hearing aid evaluations conducted
  • percentage of hearing aid evaluations conducted
  • number of third-party schedule
  • percentage of third-party schedule
  • number of third-party attended
  • percentage of third-party attended
  • average third-party attendance rate

The following screenshot shows the summary report subcategories by clinician name.

Summary Tracking - Scheduling Appointments Summary Tracking - Scheduling Appointments

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