Battery Club

The Battery Club is simply a method of tracking the batteries dispensed to a given patient. It is not tied to any of the financial reports, but instead allows you to keep track of each battery transactions for that patient.

It is particularly helpful if your patients purchase batteries in a savings package (ex: 12 for the price of 10) or are given a certain number of packs free with purchase of a new hearing aid. The Battery Club will then allow you to see how many packs the patient has received and how many are left on his or her account.

battery purchases can be sent to the battery club by using the "Send" button in the invoicing module. Credits are accumulated on the left of the screen, while batteries received are tracked on the right. Remaining packages are displayed in the lower right. The screen also allows you to print an envelope were label for quick distribution of batteries through the mail.

Tip: When offering patients “A Year’s Supply of Free Batteries” or similar promotion, it is a good idea to give a specific number. For example, specify that a year’s supply is equal to 12 packages of batteries (four batteries per package.) This can cut down on confusion and prevent abuse.

Battery Club - Patient Care

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