ESCO Free Printing/Postage

Instead of paying $1.07 per letter to, just click a button in HearForm and the price is right. Send your warranty, birthday, annual recall and patient satisfaction survey letters through ESCO's free Market/Mailing Service - ConnectCare. Talk to the professionals at ESCO and ask them why this service sounds too good to be true. HearForm receives no compensation in any way for recommending this service. We just think the service is really worth considering.

ESCO Free Printing/Postage

ESCO's ConnectCare program provides the tools to easily manage and maintain your relationship with your patients by connecting and keeping in touch with them through our mailing services.

Reminder Care Coverletter

Remindercare is ESCO's warranty expiration notification service. All patients enrolled in ESCO's ConnectCare database receive notification when their original manufacturer warranty is about to expire. Practitioners can customize a cover letter of the warranty expiration notification. Patients also receive a quote for continued coverage through ESCO.

Patient Survey

Practitioners can elect to participate in ESCO's patient satisfaction survey. ESCO's survey is easily customized and provides results that compare your practice to offices across the U.S. ConnectCare patients receive a survey about 90 days after ESCO receives the patient information from your practice.

Annual Care Contact

Practitioners can elect to participate in ESCO's annual recall notice service. This service provides an annual notice to patients, encouraging them to make an annual appointment with your practice. The annual recall is fully customizable. ConnectCare patients receive their notice about 30 days prior to their purchase anniversary.

Birthday Letter

Practitioners can elect to participate in ESCO's birthday letter service. This service provides a happy birthday message from you to your patients. The birthday letter templates provide a fully customizable message. ConnectCare patients receive their notice about 10 days prior to their birthday.

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