HearForm 11.5 Issue and bug list

  • Audiogram and ZDingbat fonts need to be installed for proper Audiogram and SOAP notes display.
  • Audiogram lines bypass NR and Masking symbols. Lines connect to the next available air or bone threshold.
  • A number of Plug-ins need to be installed on each computer that has FileMaker Pro installed. (Plug-ins are included within HearForm itself under the scripts menu.)
  • Printing labels on personal labeler printers may not work on your labeler. Label set-up steps may be required while printing each label.
  • Printing from some printers requires manual interaction at the printer. Some printer drivers work well with other programs, but may not memorize paper options in FileMaker Pro.
  • As a work around for this uncommon issue, most screens and documents can be printed to a PDF file which can then be printed directly.
  • The scheduler does not display appointments in week view if they are only 15 minutes in length.
  • Our document storage system requires a shared folder with sufficient rights. It is the responsibility of the practice to create and provide appropriate access to a documents folder (and a claims folder, as needed.)
  • HearForm DOES NOT automatically back-up your software. It is the responsibility of the practice to make sure a sufficient back-up routine is in place.

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